Get Summer Ready!


Get Trim for Summer!!

There is still time to start your summer season a little lighter! It just takes a little planning, some dedication, and the right tools. Peruse our shopping cart for your starter kit of tools to measure your food: food scale, measuring cups, 24 oz water bottle, and lunch bag. Then pick up a copy of our DIY Diet Guide to learn how to portion your food, or stop in to Dr. Emma's office, or the office of a licensed provider, to enroll in one of our more comprehensive medical weight loss programs for a more aggressive approach.

Here is something you should remember: cutting back just 500 calories per day, which can be done through cutting back on those 2 glasses of wine per night, or eliminating the rolls from your sandwich can mean losing a pound a week! (without changing anything else!) Those little things do make a BIG DIFFERENCE over time. That is how to be smart about calories!

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February Special starts this week!

For the month of February, we are doing a test run on a new type of all-inclusive HCG Diet Program. Sign up now for only $699 you will receive all of these included items:

  • Medical Evaluation
  • Dr. Emma's HCG Diet Counseling
  • Starter kit with food scale, diet booklets and diary, water bottle, tape measure, measuring cups, and thermal lunch bag!
  • Weekly weigh-in visits with private counseling sessions
  • 4 weeks of intense diet phase plus bonus week of tapering medication and Transition Plan counseling.
  • Support by medical staff and nutritional counselor

Don't delay! Email now for an appointment at:

Come in for a FREE CONSULTATION, or choose to have a phone consultation to determine if you qualify for the HCG program.

Call today! 732-903-6090

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New Year, New Resolution


It's a new year again! I hope you are not finding yourself in the same place you were last year...with a resolution to lose weight! Where were you last year at this very time? Were you in the same position, better off, or worse off? The good news is, even if you are worse off than last year, you ARE NOT ALONE! But you are most certainly asking yourself, "why?"

Our society is not a place of good influences. We live in a culture of fast food and fast lifestyle, with most people barely having time to even sit down for a meal. Eating on-the-go is commonplace and fast food is a way of life for many. We are fighting a food industry that is creating better-tasting, flavor-enhanced products that we just can't find the self-control to eat normal portions of. This is a problem with our youth, and parents fighting this fight need to prepare their children for this very same battle.

One thing is for sure, food is one of our basic and hardest-to-resist pleasures in life. As much as many of us need a lifestyle change to stay fit, we must also find balance. In order to adapt to a healthier life, it's not necessarily about "never", it's about "once in a while".

So reflecting upon your New Year's Resolution, we will think about the chaos of the holidays, the day to day eating frenzies, and the lack of order to what was being consumed. This is how life can be. To keep the order in our lives, and keep the pounds from keeping on, these are the tips to make this New Year's Resolution stick, once and for all.

(1) ACCOUNTABILITY: Step 1, write down everything! It isn't easy to face exactly what you are doing wrong. Most of us already know. But it's easy to deceive ourselves or say "I'll start tomorrow" so I always start off by telling someone to write everything down. It tells a lot and starts the accountability process.

(2) PLANNING: Step 2, plan your year. Plan the whole year! What?! That may sound crazy. Most people don't plan things more than a month in advance. Certainly a diet shouldn't last that long, should it? Yes, it should. A diet should last forever. You may be thinking this is an outrageous concept. But think about it...when we slip back to old habits, the weight starts creeping back, and then next New Year's, here you are again. So once and for all, stop the cycle, and realize that a diet IS FOREVER. Now does that mean, no more pizza? Ever? No, it doesn't mean that. What it means is you will be always conscious of your eating, and keep your balance in check. Days of the Week, or the (D.O.W.) is one of the best ways to stay in balance. Once weight is down, it doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want, because it will come back. You need to eat clean 5 days and eat whatever on 2 days. Days of the week works best because then you can say to yourself, "Today is Tuesday so I should NOT be eating pizza!" but on Friday, it's ok!

(3) KEEP IT SIMPLE: Step 3, start your diet, but keep it simple! It doesn't take a major earth-shaking epiphany to discover the secrets to weight loss. It's taking in as little as possible, within healthy limits, so that you create a CALORIE-DEFICIT. The greater your calorie-deficit, meaning the less food you eat, the more fat you will burn in a day. If you eat normally, and don't create a calorie-deficit, you won't lose anything. If you eat too much, and have a calorie-excess, you will gain more fat. Period. It's simple. You don't need to join a spin class, boot camp, start marathon training, or do anything so aggressive. You don't need to analyze your blood type, the acid-base balance of your food, you don't need to eat all organic (although it's nice if you can), and you don't need to read a hundred books on nutrition. JUST EAT LESS. And the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep your diet plan SUPER SIMPLE AND EASY TO FOLLOW, BECAUSE THEN YOU WILL STICK WITH IT!!! THAT'S THE KEY!! Most people become so ambitious and overzealous to start running, lifting weights, eating all organic, etc, and although the intentions are good, they burn out because the lifestyle change is too much too quickly. Next thing you know, they give it all up and go back to "normal". Healthy changes are good but take it in baby steps. How about eating an apple instead of nachos? How about cooking dinner instead of ordering out? How about going for a 30 minute walk before you sit to watch your 8:00 show at night? How about drinking water instead of soda or sports drinks? KEEP IT SIMPLE!

(4) DON'T BE A QUITTER: Step 4, most importantly, don't quit!! The longer you keep it going, the better you will feel. If you keep it simple, the odds are you will keep it going all year long. The changes you make will become your new normal, and you have to vow to NEVER GO BACK to the way it was before. This is how you keep from having the same New Year's Resolution every year.

(5) ASK FOR HELP: Step 5, Don't be afraid to ask for help. This is what I do for a living, and there's a reason for's not easy! We ALL need help and support with the tough things in life, and this is one of them. Lean on those around you, do it with a friend, find a support group or forum (such as this one), and don't feel badly about asking for help from a professional. This is what we are trained to do, and we have the answers when you need them.


Dr. Emma

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Victoria Wakile’s E! News Weight Loss post with Dr. Emma



Our very own celeb client Victoria Wakile of Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey published a gorgeous and inspiring before and after pic on her instagram. A short while later, the story was picked up by E! News Online and was published along with an interview of yours truly (Dr. Emma) with both myself and Victoria sharing how we worked together toward her new fitness goal! I divulged some of the secrets we used in her carefully picked dietary plan. We are so proud of you, Victoria!! Click on the photo above to read the full article!


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What is Dr. Emma’s Diet?

What is Dr. Emma's Diet?
Dr. Emma is best known for her research in the diet field, namely in reinventing the HCG Diet. After she gained national recognition from multiple appearances on the Dr. Oz Show and other media, she has applied her unique diet principles to "Dr. Emma's Diet". It's an easy to follow program that involves food and optional meal replacements, and can be combined with natural appetite suppressants, or prescription medication like Phentermine or HCG, with a doctor.
Dr. Emma's Diet is so easy and so successful, it is being used by many celebrities because it works with their busy lifestyle and helps them get fit and stay on track. (Click here to read some of our celebrity stories).
To try Dr. Emma's Diet today, use our easy to follow guide for a Do-It-Yourself program (click here) without prescription medication, or our Doctor-Based Plan, by finding a doctor near you (click here) or working with your own doctor (click here).

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It's getting close to holiday time! So many people decide that they may as well just wait until New Year's to attempt to reach their goals. However, Dr. Emma's Meal Replacement Shakes, Bars, and Soups make it so easy to lose weight that you can shed fat BEFORE you see friends and family for the holidays. Wouldn't it be a great feeling to drop a size just in time for ringing in the New Year? Maybe two sizes?? Perhaps your entire New Year's Resolution would be different, and NOT involve a diet for once?

photo (3)Jonathan Cheban, as seen on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and best known as Kim Kardashian's BFF, came to Dr. Emma for just that type of easy slim-down. With a hectic celebrity lifestyle, and eating dinner out every night (he doesn't cook!), Jonathan needed an easy but successful plan. So his personal favorite is the Vanilla Meal Replacement, which he sometimes drinks plain, and sometimes adds fruit. With a shake for breakfast and another for lunch with a piece of fruit, Jonathan can cruise into dinner time with just a couple hundred calories under his belt. Then he just tries to avoid carbs and eats a sensible but hearty dinner. He has lost over 10 pounds of pure fat in just 2 months and feels great.

IMG_0871[1]Donatella Arpaia, celebrity chef, best known for her long-running career as a judge on Food Network's Iron Chef, for her well-established name as an NYC Restaurateur, and as a frequent guest chef on the Today Show, her challenges were to lose weight in a day-to-day life surrounded by delicious food. She found that Dr. Emma's program became do-able when she added in meal replacements to fill her day. The cream of chicken soup is a go-to filler for her. At only 95 calories, it is an easy way to get through the day without accumulating calories. Then the other favorite of hers (and everybody else) is the Caramel Crunch Bar. It is filling but so satisfying. She dropped 35 pounds and shared her story, and her fabulous recipes that got her through, on the Dr. Oz Show with Dr. Emma. Her recipes are also available for purchase on our shopping page.

These two stories will hopefully inspire you that if they can do it, so can you. With the crazy lifestyles that most of us lead, lean on my products to keep you on track. For the months of October and November, we are extending a 10% off coupon to all of our first time buyers. Simply use coupon code: 10offpurchase during checkout. We can do even better if you've ordered with us before. Email for your 20% off coupon to reward our returning customers.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Emma


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DIET TROUBLESHOOTING!! The article you’ve been waiting for!

Troubleshooting for the HCG Dieter

by Dr. Sheri Emma, MD


The use of HCG during dieting has become a commonplace diet as its popularity spreads and grows each year. It has also been a subject of so much controversy and confusion, people just don’t know where to begin when things don’t seem to be going right. In addition, Simeons’ Protocol added much to this confusion with the concept of weighing oneself daily.  So when the scale doesn’t cooperate, then the dieter assumes they are doing something wrong and that requires an action.

Dr. Emma’s HCG Program is so unique, that it doesn’t even encourage weighing one self. That is because a scale is simply weighing a combination of all things the body is made of: including fat, muscle, bone, organs, water, food, etc. The most common reason for the scale to stall during weight loss has to NOTHING to do with weight loss from fat. The most common reason the scale stalls during weight loss is from retaining water. During rapid weight loss, the body often loses its ability to perfectly balance water in and out, and therefore will go through periods of retaining water, sometimes for days. Water is very heavy. Imagine getting on the scale and then someone hands you a jug of water to hold in your hands. You won’t like the weight on the scale much, but it has nothing to do with fat! In fact, fat doesn’t weigh that much compared to muscle, water, and all the other things your body is made of! The key here is to remember that you want to be lean, muscular, and not fat! Also remember that someone who is lean and muscular will weigh sometimes 15-20 pounds more than someone who is thin and fatty (doesn’t have much muscle). Our goal in the end is NOT A LIGHTER WEIGHT AS MUCH AS A THINNER BODY!! So the best way to track progress (if you don’t have a high-tech body composition scale), is to measure the waist once a week, and watch the fit of your clothing. USE SIZES OF CLOTHING AS YOUR GUIDE, so when you drop a size, that’s a great landmark! And remember, if you are eating fewer calories than your body needs in a day, there is NO WAY you are not burning fat every single day! You have to be burning fat when you are on a low calorie diet! Where else would the calories be coming from??

So the nature of “body loss” during use of HCG isn’t well measured in terms of “weight”. So “weight loss” as a term is not a precise term. What is really lost is almost pure fat, which doesn’t weigh much, so “fat loss” is a better term. And fat loss is best measured with a scale that does body fat percentage (bioimpedance scales), calipers (used for leaner athletic builds), water submersion (not utilized much anymore), bod pod analysis (available at some colleges and universities), and DEXA scanning (available at some physicians offices and medical imaging (Xray) centers). Or the simplest method can be a tape measure. Although a tape measure won’t tell you if you are losing muscle, it can be your assurance that something is happening when the scale doesn’t move. That is almost a sure sign of losing pure fat because if the scale doesn’t move, but you are shrinking, you are likely retaining the heavy muscle and losing the lighter fat portion.

This concept is a bit outside of our usual comfort zone because most diets will result in a loss of fat and muscle together, which causes the scale to drop a certain impressive number of pounds. This overall concept of “weight loss” has been used as a guage of success on diets for decades. However, we know better now that not all weight is bad, and it is certainly better to go by appearance, physique, and clothing size. If you are dosed correctly on HCG, you SHOULD NOT LOSE A POUND PER DAY!! Each pound of fat holds 3500 calories. It is rare that any person can burn 3500 calories in a single day. In the first week of dieting, you lose a lot of “weight” because your body is eliminating water. You cleanse yourself of inflammation from poor quality foods in the first week. After the first week, though, most people should not be losing a pound a day or they are likely losing muscle too.

To help when you feel stuck, here is a troubleshooting algorithm:

STEP 1: DETERMINE IF YOU ARE BEING COMPLIANT ON THE DIET. There are two types of non-compliance. Intentional and unintentional. You may be aware that you have not been compliant with the diet. In that case, you need to start tracking your daily intake more closely and use your diary to detect when and why you derail off of your plan. Work on different methods to correct your behavior such as, getting out of the house if there is too much food around, or starting a new book, or drinking more water, etc.

You may also think you are compliant if you are “eating all the right foods”. However, if you aren’t MEASURING AND WEIGHING, and recording everything to total your intake, then you are likely exceeding your calorie limits.

Unintentional noncompliance is if you’ve misunderstood a portion of your diet plan, or have mistakenly been adding something that you did not realize has markedly thrown off their calorie intake (such as avocado for 250 calories). In this case, if you think you are doing everything right, go back and reread your instructional material, or consult with a health care professional that is trained in Dr. Emma’s HCG counseling.

STEP 2: COMPLETELY COMPLIANT ON THE DIET…”So why isn’t my scale moving???”

The NUMBER 1 REASON your scale won’t move when you have been compliant with your diet is because you are retaining water. There can be dozens of reasons why you are retaining water, and in most cases it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t need fixing and will correct on its own. Here are a few examples below, including the few cases in which you WILL need to do something to help correct the issue:

  • (Menstruating females): Are you due for your menstrual cycle? (Even if you have an IUD or an ablation or irregular periods, hormonal cycling still occurs and this can be responsible for up to 5 pounds of water retention in extreme cases)
  • Are you constipated? This will cause increased weight from the matter in the intestines but also from increasing quantities of water being drawn into the intestinal tract to facilitate a BM. Take something you would usually take such as a mild stool softener or a mild laxative, as needed.
  • Are you ill? Patients who are ill, fighting infection, on antibiotics, or dealing with an injury are often dealing with some bodily inflammation and water retention.
  • Did you exercise? Intense exercise will contribute to muscle inflammation and hence water retention.
  • In times of extreme heat, with excess sweating, people will retain water.
  • Did you have alcohol? If yes, encourage copious amounts of water to flush the system and alleviate water retention.
  • Are you drinking too much water? If patients overconsume water (which can be dangerous in excessive amounts) their kidneys may not be able to filter rapidly enough and they will then have a net gain of up to several pounds of water. The best way to know is if you are constantly urinating (every 30 minutes or so). In this case, cut back to 64 ounces (typical 8 glasses) per day for a day or so until you begin to urinate normally.
  • Are you drinking too little water? Like a camel, humans will retain water reflexively if not consuming enough water to hydrate and flush byproducts. Most dieters need at least 80-100 ounces per day, or half your weight in ounces of water.
  • No known reason. Sometimes you may not be able to find a reason why you are retaining water, or “stalling”. People often think they should take a diuretic. I always say no. If a person has normal functioning kidneys, they will correct their water balance all on their own.

MORE ABOUT “STALLING”: This is the time period I often refer to as “the staircase”. Usually beginning around week 3, a person won’t lose for a couple of days, and then the scale will drop. Then they don’t lose for a couple of days, and then the scale will drop. It is of no consequence, and you can be reassured that it is simply a water balance issue, and has nothing to do with the body fat, so you can continue on your journey without frustration. Continue to measure your waist weekly to show the fat loss. Of course, a scale with body fat percentage is of added value.

Lastly, don’t forget that exercising will often contribute to building muscle more easily, and of course muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are lifting weights (which is OK!) and thus building muscle while losing fat, the scale may not move at all. I had a patient once that was the same weight for 2 weeks but dropped 3 pant sizes during that time. He was using the elliptical intensely 5 days per week, and he was thrilled with his new chiseled physique. So of course, exercise is ok. It’s the scale that is not ok because it discourages many for no logical reason. It’s not about “weight” loss, but rather it’s about “fat” loss. Only HCG will produce a situation this unique. So continue on your journey for a healthier you, and remember to consult with your physician prior to starting any diet regimen. The information in this article is not to be used as medical advice and any medical question should be directed to your medical provider. This is simply an informational article and guide. For more information, or to find a provider near you that has been trained in Dr. Emma’s Protocol and Principles: visit


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FREE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! Dr. Emma's HCG SECRETS booklet is being offered now FREE in PDF for easy download!  Due to the over-used and nearly ancient Dr. Simeons' HCG protocol generating much confusion about the HCG diet, Dr. Emma has decided to release her basic HCG secrets for the benefit of the public, and for physicians that are using HCG in practice.

Have you been told not to use body lotion while dieting? How about that you can't mix your vegetables at a meal? Or perhaps that if you don't lose weight on the scale then your diet isn't working? Have you ever scratched your head at how confusing some of these HCG Diet claims are? Now, you don't have to feel confused any longer!! Dr. Emma makes her protocol secrets available free!  Also, Dr. Emma's HCG Secrets may be combined with Dr. Emma's Diet Guide (available for purchase here), which gives an explanation of foods allowed on Dr. Emma's Plan, for a thorough understanding of Dr. Emma's Protocol.

Why is the HCG Diet so popular? Because it works! With better knowledge, obtained from the benefits of Dr. Emma's extensive clinical and medical research on the effects of HCG, you will have greater success.  As seen on her multiple appearances on the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Emma is pioneering the NEW HCG PROTOCOL in order to help clear up any misconceptions about this diet.

Don't forget to sign up on our homepage for Dr. Emma's free Newsletter for diet, recipe, and exercise updates.  Follow Dr. Emma on Facebook (Dr. Emma's HCG), Twitter (@DrEmmaHCG), and Instagram (DrEmma1) for Tips, Events, and Words of encouragement daily!

Click below for your free PDF download!


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No worries.  It can be simple.

Don’t think about what to eat or what not to eat.

Choose your Dr. Emma's meal replacement (Protein Bar, Soup, or Protein Shake).

Protein Bars 3-Pack

Have one meal replacement for breakfast & one for lunch

Snack with 1 piece of fruit and some veggies or crackers, but keep snacks to under 100 calories each

Dinner should be a carb-free dinner such as chicken, fish, or steak

(tofu or beans for vegetarians)

Plus as many veggies as you can eat!






Need appetite help? Add Trim Quik to your daily routine

Need fat-burning help? Add Raspberry Ketones to your daily routine

It can be that simple.


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Healthy Kids Live a Happy Life!

Childhood Obesity: Why Rates Have Risen Dramatically and How You Can Help Your Child Avoid It.

Over the past few years, the number of children diagnosed as overweight or obese in the United States has skyrocketed. According to the American Heart Association, one in three children and teenagers are considered overweight or obese.

One of the biggest reasons for this increase is due to the marketing strategies employed by fast food establishments across mainstream media. Food manufacturing companies also market new products to kids through television commercials and magazine ads that are specifically appealing to children, such as including toys and games from popular movies, TV shows and books with kids’ meals.
Most of these foods are high in sugar, fats and sodium, which can cause obesity if consumed over a long period of time. By consuming processed foods and frequenting fast food chains, children today are not getting adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables in their diet, and are consuming too many saturated fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates and salt.

According to the American Heart Association, it is recommended that children between the ages of 1-3 years consume between 900-1,000 calories a day in order for children to grow and develop properly. Children between the ages of 4-8 should consume between 1,200-1,400 calories a day; children between the ages of 9-13 should consume between 1,600-1,800 calories a day; and children between the ages of 14-18 should consume between 1,800-2,000 calories a day.

These calories per day should be distributed accordingly by fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and dairy. From an early age, parents should be providing their children with whole-grain products to ensure adequate amounts of whole grains and fiber, while also limiting the amounts of sugar in their diet.

Most food manufacturing companies have modified their selection of cereals, breads, and pastas to have whole grains incorporated into the product. Parents should also be limiting the amount of saturated fats that they are giving their children on a daily basis and instead be providing sources of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as nuts and fish. In order to provide significant amounts of vitamins and minerals that are important to the growth and development of children, fruits and vegetables are essential in their diet. Children should consume between 1-3 servings of a fruit or vegetables a day, an equivalent to 1-3 cups.

It is important for parents to teach their kids about healthy eating habits at an early age to ensure that they make healthy choices throughout their life.  By doing this, children will have a smaller chance of becoming overweight and in developing certain diseases later on in life such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Providing healthy options for your children at this age may not seem like a major concern right now, but think about what it could do for them in the future when they begin to make their own choices. Make healthy eating fun for your kids by reviewing the food pyramid, watching educational online videos or even by taking them to a group nutrition class for kids in their specific age group. All these things will help your kids on the path to a healthy life and avoid obesity as it continues to rise.

By Alissa Simon

References: Heart Association (2013). Dietary Recommendations for Healthy Children.

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